Steve Salis: Founder & CEO of 22 REH

Steve Salis continues to amass a growing real estate portfolio spanning across the mid-Atlantic region. As founder of one of the largest private holding companies today in the Washington D.C. area, Salis has acquired several popular and iconic brands including the iconic bookstore, bar, & restaurant, Kramers; modern American eatery, Ted’s Bulletin with six locations; American BBQ restaurant Federalist Pig; bakery, coffee shop Sidekick Bakery; digital-driven food hall, Ensemble and more. Salis started &pizza in 2012 and successfully exited that enterprise in 2019. His ability to identify, scale and transform brands into businesses that are profitable have been widely recognized across various industries. Now with 22 Real Estate Holdings, Salis will bring his touch to a collection of commercial and mixed-use properties to the greater DC area.